Web Interface to Octave

Version 0.1.1

Try Octave in your browser!

Web Interface to Octave makes it possible to use Octave remotely through your browser. Learn more about the Web Interface to Octave project.

Please do not submit codes that will run for a long time or take up a lot of memory. This service is intended for occasional, quick computations. Use "Files -> Remove all files" button to clear your workspace after you are done. All your activities are being logged. If you don't like this policy, don't use this service.

If you are new to Octave, you may find it useful to read Octave's manual prior to using it. If you like Octave, it is recommended to get your own copy - it is all free!

All computation is performed on a computer at the Department of Mathematics, Warsaw University.

We are suffering temporary problems with software due to system update. The service is active, but plots do not work and output is limited. We will try to solve the problem soon.

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Send your comments, questions or remarks to knn.mimuw.edu.pl.

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